Apparent Insurance Review | All You Need To Know

What makes Apparent Insurance's claims process so easy? Types Of Insurance Offered By Apparent Insurance. Contact details.

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Apparent Insurance Review | All You Need To Know
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Insurance, they argue, can do better. So they persuaded their parent firm that starting an insurance company that caters to today's parents would be good. What's the result? Insurance that appears to be there. We know better than anybody that life can be frantic, stressful, and utterly unpredictable as parents. And as insurance professionals, they understand how complex, convoluted, and frustrating insurance can be.

USAA Car Insurance
USAA Car Insurance

They're on a mission to make insurance more difficult (but not impossible) for all types of parents. They include features, savings, and services geared to different periods of your family's existence.

They lead by example by partnering with birth parents to create their firm. They bring clarity and empathy to the complicated insurance sector with the help of this parent panel because someone has to! And they gladly welcome anyone who wishes to join our Apparent family as they traverse the joyous, terrifying, absolutely worth-it-all journey of modern family life.

It's never fun to have a claim, but they've structured their process to make it as quick and straightforward as possible.

What makes their claims process so easy?

1. Online Claims Filing

2. I-Car Certified Appraisers

3. Smart Roadside Assistance

4. Claims Photo App

Types Of Insurance Offered By Apparent Insurance

Car Insurance

Safe drivers are less expensive for everyone, and they pay a lot less at Apparent Insurance. Safe drivers can save up to 45 per cent on vehicle insurance.

Products Offered Under Car Insurance

1. Liability Insurance Levels2. Comprehensive Coverage3. Collision Coverage4. Uninsured (UM), Underinsured (UIM), and Uninsured Motorist-Property Damage (UMPD)5. Deductibles

Home Insurance

Consider how difficult it is to maintain your house in order. It's all there is to it. Consider what you'd do if anything terrible happened, such as a massive storm, a fire, or a burglary. It won't provide you much comfort, but Apparent will assist you in rebuilding your home and replacing whatever you'd like us to return.

Homesite, a renowned provider of homeowner's insurance, has teamed with Apparent. Homesite assists consumers in determining the right coverage to protect their changing house, property, and financial demands. One of their licenced agents can guide you through the procedure, making it quick and easy.

Renters Insurance

Renters insurance is one of those "dad" things to have — the practical, responsible stuff like paying your taxes and checking the air in your tyres. So, tap into your inner father or father, and take the plunge! It's pretty simple and inexpensive.

Apparent has teamed up with Homesite, a renowned renter's insurance company. Homesite assists consumers in determining the right coverage to protect their changing house, property, and financial demands. One of their licenced agents can guide you through the procedure, making it quick and easy.

Motorcycle Insurance

Being a good parent necessitates exposure to fresh air and open roads. Not to mention that owning a motorcycle offers you significant street cred among your children. They've found the ideal partner to assist you in safeguarding one of your most valuable assets.

They've joined with Dairyland*, the motorbike insurance experts, because motorcycles require thorough coverage. Each motorbike policy is tailored to your individual needs, including who you are, how you ride, and what kind of coverage you require. You won't be paying for services or coverage that you don't need.

Life Insurance

Life insurance, like putting up a college fund or executing your will, will make you feel much better about your family's future. If the worst happens, you'll know that your bills, child care costs, college tuition, and other obligations will be covered.

Apparent has joined with Homesite Life Insurance Program to offer you and your family a few alternatives.

Term Life Insurance: It is a cost-effective, quick, and easy method to construct a financial safety net for those who rely on you. Many age groups benefit from term life insurance.

Children Life Insurance: It's a whole life policy with guaranteed purchase options, which allow you to buy more permanent life insurance on specific dates and life events stated in the policy, regardless of your health or medical history. Furthermore, the approach builds up financial worth that your child can access in the future.


If you don't have time to read gobs of legalese, they are just a call, email, letter, or click away.

Customer Service & Sales HoursMonday-Friday: 8am-5pm Central TimeEmail: CustomerService@ApparentInsurance.comPhone: 1-877-764-8679

Home, Renters, Umbrella, and MotorcycleMonday-Friday: 8am-5pm Central TimePhone: 1-877-764-8679

Claims HoursMonday-Friday: 7 am-7 pm Central TimeSaturday: 8:00am-5:00pm Central TimeEmail: Claims@ApparentInsurance.comPhone: 1-877-764-8679

They like getting mail too! Write to them:

Apparent ServiceP.O. Box 5100Glen Allen, VA 23058

Alleged ClaimsP.O. Box 2430Glen Allen, VA 23058