Automobile Insurance Coverage Levels In Florida

Comparison shopping for auto insurance in Florida is vital if you want to save some money.

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Automobile Insurance Coverage Levels In Florida
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Comparison shopping for auto insurance in Florida is vital if you want to save some money. The average cost of minimum coverage auto insurance in Florida is less than $197 per month, or just about $zee per year. However, the minimum coverage is not enough protection for many drivers, especially those who drive infrequently or don't have a credit score high enough to qualify for a good driver discount. However, minimum coverage will not prevent accidents or keep you from paying high premiums and excessive fees.

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Insurance news for Florida, the second most expensive auto insurance in the country

Finding adequate auto insurance in Florida for many drivers means finding auto insurance with the highest coverage at the lowest price. Many drivers would feel that such a premium is excessive, especially when they consider that an accident can occur anywhere. However, several auto insurance providers in Florida offer discounts for drivers with low or no credit history, for drivers over twenty-five years of age, for drivers who belong to a homeowners association, for students in driver training classes, for military personnel, for people who own one or more vehicles and for students in K-12 education programs. A low credit score also can help lower your auto insurance in Florida. An auto loan with poor credit often will have a higher interest rate because your credit rating is considered inferior.
Several auto insurance companies in Florida offer discounts for several reasons.

Some companies offer discounts for drivers who maintain a Clean Driver Record, which includes not driving while intoxicated, not driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, not operating a motor vehicle while suspended, not participating in two or more auto accidents in the same year and not having a traffic violation that affects your ability to operate a car. Other discounts are based on state minimum insurance requirements which vary from state to state. Most auto insurance in Florida also offers discounts for vehicle maintenance, theft, defensive driving training, safe driving courses, a safe driver policy, or if your car has been equipped with a vehicle tracking device.

In a Florida auto insurance review, it was found that about fifteen percent of Florida households own more than one vehicle. You should consider raising the deductible on your automobile protection policy, as some Florida insurance companies will deduct the cost of damages from the policy-holder's pocket if the insured borrows money to purchase protection. Although this saves you money in the long term, you may pay more on your auto insurance premiums in the short time.

The auto insurance premiums in Florida also tend to be high for drivers with poor credit ratings. In Florida, it is estimated that as many as forty-seven percent of drivers have a poor credit rating. Of these, about twenty-four percent have at least a fair amount of auto accident history.

Florida is home to large numbers of auto accidents, which can cause the cost of auto insurance to skyrocket. Motorists involved in a traffic accident in Florida are required by law to carry and maintain complete and adequate liability coverage on their vehicles. Other types of Florida drivers needed to maintain certain levels of liability coverage include uninsured motorists, which will cover the costs for repairs to a motor vehicle if the driver is injured or killed. Without sufficient amounts of insurance, medical care prices for an uninsured driver can become overwhelming.

The second most common type of Florida auto insurance is property damage liability insurance. This type of insurance protects against damage done to another person or vehicle. Property damage liability coverage varies from state to state and is measured by the dollar amount of covered losses. A typical Florida property damage liability policy will provide coverage for damage assessed as caused by collision, an act of God, malicious mischief, weather or vandalism, theft, and any other event.

One of the most popular forms of auto insurance in Florida is the no-fault system. A Florida no-fault system allows a driver to reduce their auto insurance in Florida if the car accident has been due to negligence or carelessness of the driver of the other automobile. A Florida no-fault system works like this: a claim cannot be submitted if the claim requires an evaluation or investigation of the insurance company. Since it was introduced, Florida's no-fault policies have helped reduce the number of automobile-related accidents by more than 50 percent. Florida auto insurance is a highly competitive market, and consumers who take the time to compare auto insurance rates online will find the right policy.