Claro Insurance | All You Need To Know

Since 2015, Claro Insurance has been one of the leading insurance businesses for independent agents, offering positions to health insurance agents.

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Claro Insurance | All You Need To Know
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Claro Insurance is a company that was founded by a group of highly motivated, like-minded, and high-producing agents. The number one priority at Claro is agent growth. Their independent insurance brokers are among the most knowledgeable and successful in Florida when selling health and life insurance. Since 2015, Claro Insurance has been one of the leading insurance businesses for independent agents, offering positions to health insurance agents.

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Their goal at Claro is to foster a culture of openness and professional excellence among their agents. They believe in empowering their agents and are committed to sharing their accomplishments and industry knowledge to provide their agent partners with one-of-a-kind skills and possibilities for advancement.

Why Should You Choose Claro Insurance?

Industry Pioneers

Claro Insurance is a powerful organization with industry leaders with combined expertise of well over two decades in the insurance sector.

A Firm That Top-Producing Agents trust

Claro Insurance has continuously and effectively outranked the competition with established sales and marketing tactics in just a few years, proving to be one of the nation's leading and trusted brokerage firms, offering innumerable jobs to local licensed insurance agents.

Master In Their Work

They provide a unique opportunity for agencies wishing to create or grow their business to partner and collaborate with us. They have the resources, skills, and experience necessary to expand insurance firms.

Networking and Relationship building

They go a step further by introducing independent insurance brokers to community leaders and placing them in crucial lead-generation locations such as doctors' offices, clinics, and community centres.

Higher Earnings

Agents have access to many marketing resources, quarterly marketing strategy meetings, and strategic marketing strategies.

Insurance Offered By Claro Insurance

Health Insurance

1. Individual & Family: Claro's experienced team knows how to take your ACA health or Obamacare insurance business to the next level, ensuring your continued success as an independent health insurance sales agent. Experience the excellent perks that Claro agents offer by joining their team of top-producing insurance agents.

2. Medicare: Choosing Claro as a partner is ideal for boosting your Medicare leads, sales, and business book. They understand what you need as a Medicare sales representative and provide it, and Claro is the top insurance agency for Medicare sales.

3. Non-ACA Health Products: Provide inexpensive medical expense plans to all clients, including those who may not have legal immigration status. Selling non-ACA health products can help Medicare insurance agents and brokers increase their sales while diversifying their portfolios.

Life Insurance

By giving their clients top life insurance products from nationally known carriers through ClaroLife, agents can DOUBLE their income. Discover why top-producing life insurance agents already trust ClaroLife and why it is regarded as one of the most significant life insurance firms for independent agents and brokers. Agents can earn money and sell life insurance from the comfort of their own homes.

ClaroLife provides agents with access to a comprehensive range of life insurance solutions and subsets from leading life insurance companies, including life insurance, annuities, disability, long-term care needs, and MORE.

Supplemental Insurance

Your clients will almost certainly get supplemental insurance coverage because they have more demands than simply health insurance. Make sure they buy it from you and not from someone else. As an independent insurance sales agent, dental, accidental, and hospitalization insurance can treble your sales.

Supplemental Insurance covers your Dental, Accident, and Hospitalization expenses.

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