How much is homeowners insurance in Minnesota?

What is the best home insurance in Minnesota? How much is homeowners insurance in Minnesota?

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To protect your home, you should obtain new home insurance. This type of insurance is particularly important for homes in Minnesota and may provide coverage for hail, snow, and wind. The average cost of homeowners insurance in Minnesota is $1,785

It is important to look for many factors when choosing a homeowners insurance company. Some of the best in the US are located in Minnesota and know all about the hazards its residents face.

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What is the best home insurance in Minnesota?



Allstate provides customizable insurance options to help you find the right coverage. Adding the green improvement endorsement will protect your investment by paying for upgrades.

When you have Allstate, the average cost for homeowners insurance is higher than the state average, but there are a lot of discounts that may help you. For example, paying your premiums on time or having security at home lowers your costs.


One of the cheapest insurance providers you can find online, Auto-Owners will save you money. They have a financial strength rating that is better than A+ and they sell insurance in 26 states, including Minnesota.

Auto-Owners offers several ways to customize their coverage, including options for water backup and service line coverage. Although the company's premiums are already low, there are also discounts available in case you want to save even more. These can come in the form of an overall discount or individual discounts according to your needs.


Chubb Masterpiece is homeowners insurance that specifically meets the needs of high-value homes.

Chubb has a unique Risk Consulting Service in which a Chubb employee will evaluate your property and can help you identify any risks before damage happens. These individuals can also check to see if your home is properly insured as well as suggest additional coverage that you can purchase.

North Star Insurance

North Star Insurance is headquartered in Cottonwood, MN, and its agents are used to the job of insurance in Minnesota so they can tailor coverage to suit your needs. They offer one of the competitive prices on our list.

North Star Insurance has many unique coverage options such as refrigerated food coverage and farm liability. The company offers savings to mature homeowners and valuable customers.

State Farm

A wealth of Experience: State Farm is a household name, providing 18% of homeowner’s insurance in the United States (~400 million homes). In life insurance and auto insurance, State Farm provides affordable rates for people with different needs.

State Farm offers many customizable options to choose from. The customer can save money by installing a security system, ensuring your car with State Farm, or having a newer roof.

How much is homeowners insurance in Minnesota?

The average Minnesota resident pays $1,785 for their homeowners insurance yearly. The average American homeowner pays $1,312 for the same product.

Minnesota home insurance is more expensive than the national average, and it is also more expensive than homeowners insurance in neighboring states. It may be because Minnesota has unpredictable winter weather.

Home insurance in Minnesota

Home insurance policies are valuable because they protect structures from damage in the event of a storm. Minnesota is especially at risk for extreme weather as the winter months can bring strong storms that put homes at risk.

What causes insurance loss in Minnesota

Expect to experience severe weather at any time during the year in Minnesota. It's important to be prepared for whatever might happen during a weather emergency. This can include damage to your house and belongings, injury, or death. These are some of the causes of loss in Minnesota:

Hail can be damaging to roofs and siding, especially during the summer. Minnesota is more vulnerable to hail storms with weather changes and their frequency during the summer.

Blizzards can be damaging and sometimes even fatal. Blizzards, snowstorms, and heavy snow can damage your home.

Flooding is when there’s too much water, usually in the winter. Sometimes it happens in the summer too, because of rainstorms. Floods can cause structural damage and property damage.

Talk to your insurance company about the other products they have to offer that may be better for your home.

Home insurance coverage options in Minnesota

If you live in Minnesota and have insurance, make sure it includes protection for common causes of loss.

Flood insurance differs from standard home insurance. If you are concerned about flooding in your area, you can buy a separate flood insurance policy from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Several private companies also sell flood insurance.

You can increase the coverage limits on certain items to protect them if they are in an accident, like electronics or jewelry. Scheduled personal property coverage is only available with some providers.

Insurance can help pay for the costs that result from the trauma of identity theft. Many home insurance companies offer a guarantee of identity theft coverage, which can help you recover and move on.

Information about homeowners insurance in Minnesota, including how much you may be charged

How to find a homeowners insurance company with the lowest prices in Minnesota?

One of the best ways to find the cheapest, high-quality home insurance costs is to get quotes from multiple companies. You can compare coverage and premiums to make an informed decision.

How do I get homeowners insurance in Minnesota?

The process of obtaining homeowners insurance is straightforward. After you decide on the factors that matter most to you in an insurance company (like discounts or mobile apps), you can request quotes from different carriers. When you request quotes, you may be able to do so by phone or online.

If the companies you are considering have local agents, they will also provide quotes for your consideration. You need to provide a range of information, such as when your home was built and what type of roofing material it has.

Is flood insurance included in my home insurance policy?

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Not all homeowners insurance policies cover flood damage. In addition, renters will probably need to purchase their own privacy policy or one from the NFIP. You can take steps now to find out if the area in which you live is noted as high-risk for flooding to avoid any future issues with FEMA when they publish maps.

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